Picture for Carbonara Pasta - RIKSHA
Plate Riksha

Carbonara Pasta

400 gram

Italian pasta tagliatelle, bacon, parmesan, onion, cream sauce, egg yolk

15900 uah

Picture for Pasta Bolognese - RIKSHA
Plate Riksha

Pasta Bolognese

400 gram

Italian tagliatelle pasta, ground beef in tomato sauce, parmesan, tomatoes, rosemary

15900 uah

Picture for Pasta Frutti di Mare - RIKSHA
Plate Riksha

Pasta Frutti di Mare

400 gram

Italian pasta tagliatelle, tiger prawns, mussels, Parmesan cheese, creamy tomato sauce

19900 uah

Picture for Chicken and Mushroom Pasta - RIKSHA
Plate Riksha

Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

400 gram

Italian pasta tagliatelle, chicken, mushrooms, cream sauce, Parmesan cheese

15900 uah

Pasta delivery in Odessa

A traditional Italian dish called pasta has its fans in all countries of the world, and has firmly entered the life of our compatriots. And not surprising, because the paste has not only excellent taste, but also does not bring extra pounds to the figure, because its calorie content low. Also, pasta of hard varieties, which are used in the preparation of pasta, contains many useful substances, vitamins of various groups and microelements, including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and others. For this reason, many people who monitor their health and appearance prefer this dish.

Types of pasta and features

In the menu of the Riksha Internet restaurant you can order Italian pasta at home in Odessa of various cooking options, which will allow you to find the desired taste even for the most demanding gourmets. This dish can be created from dry or fresh pasta, and the range also includes egg pasta, colored (tinted with vegetable juice), corrugated or stuffed.

Depending on the recipe and the use of additional ingredients in it, you can highlight the most popular pasta options, these are:

This dish is spectacular in appearance, it is fragrant and colorful, and also contains many vitamins. The main ingredients after pasta for Primavera are broccoli, carrots, sweet peppers and peas, cherry and parmesan.

Delivery of Italian pasta in Odessa will provide an opportunity to enjoy various types of this dish at home or in the office and appreciate their amazing taste.

How to order pasta

The Internet restaurant Rickshaw offers all lovers of comfort and people who value their time to order a fully prepared meal. Among our services there is not only free pasta delivery, because in the rich online menu of our restaurant you can choose the best traditional dishes from popular world cuisines.

To do this, visit our website, select the desired dishes and put them in your "virtual plate". Then be sure to include your contact number and expect a call from our operator.

The team of the Riksha Internet Restaurant consists of the best professionals, so we quickly process your applications and transfer them to the kitchen. Immediately after that, skilled chefs will begin their creative process using fresh, high-quality products, natural spices and fragrant herbs.

After cooking, the food is immediately packaged in containers while preserving the beauty of serving and temperature. And soon, Rickshaw couriers will bring ready-made cooking to the doorstep of your house, you just have to pay for your order and start the meal.

Thousands of residents and guests of Odessa have already appreciated the service of the Internet restaurant Rickshaw and joined the ranks of regular customers. Join them and you, participate in profitable promotions and be the first to know the best deals from Rickshaw.