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Plate Riksha


330 грамм

13900 uah

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Tom - Yam Chicken Soup

370 gram

chicken fillet, champignons, glass noodles, cilantro, lemon grass, lime

14900 uah

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330 грамм

10900 uah

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Грибной крем - суп

11500 uah

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Том - ям суп с морепродуктами


16900 uah

Soup delivery in Odessa

Soup is the basis for a healthy person’s diet. Moreover, not every user has time to prepare a fragrant first course. In this case, it is wiser to order soup at home in Odessa through a specialized online restaurant.

Kinds of Soups

"Rickshaw" is a frequent remote restaurant operating in Odessa. The service offers such a popular service as delivery of soup in Odessa to your home or client’s office. Flexible pricing, use only

proven ingredients and responsible approach to the needs of ordinary users - what else is needed?

Of course, that liquid dishes help the body saturate in the best way, get rid of fatigue, and normalize digestion. Delicious soup before regular snacks should not be neglected. The company "Rickshaw" provides all the necessary conditions for convenient ordering. The assortment of the restaurant is periodically expanded in order to be able to satisfy the needs of different groups of customers.

At the moment, customers can easily choose for themselves the following types of soups:

  1. Miso soup based on smoked tofu, special Wakame seaweed, green onion and sesame seeds will best satisfy your hunger and help the client to get acquainted with the cuisine of Eastern countries in a more intimate way. In the process Only natural ingredients are used in the preparation of the meal, without any extra flavors or flavors. The freshness of each serving is guaranteed by the manager personally.
  2. Tom-yum chicken soup is a well-known dish among lovers of moderate exotic. Fresh mushrooms, chicken and special glass noodles are used for its preparation. Various seasonings, cilantro and lime are intended to complement such a vivid combination. A large volume of servings will help satisfy any hunger. At the same time, you can serve tom yum with vegetable salads or other snacks.
  3. Ka seafood-based soup, which included all kinds of mussels, shrimp, squid, as well as cilantro, glass noodles and coconut milk. The last ingredient helped create a creamy structure that perfectly complements existing seafood. This soup is worth a try for all lovers of mussels or squid.
  4. Ramen soup with vegetables and veal. A hearty lunch or dinner is impossible without meat. In the process of making ramen soup, we used selected veal, which was previously marinated in shrimp sauce, as well as boiled broth Fo, soy sprouts, rice noodles, broccoli, Shiitake mushrooms, etc. The finished dish has a rather bright taste and rich the aroma. Soup will surely appeal to lovers of oriental dishes.

How to order soup in Odessa?

Virtual service “Rickshaw”, which is distinguished by its convenient and intuitive interface, will help you quickly order a cheap soup with free delivery. At the same time, the assortment of dishes of the restaurant will really please a true gourmet. To place an order, just go to the special section and select the appropriate dish. A distinctive feature of the resource is an attractive design that allows you to pick up treats in several minutes.

As for the convenience of the service, this indicator is better to consider the example of positive reviews about the company. The online restaurant "Rickshaw" combined on its pages all the necessary information about the available dishes.

Select and order the desired soup will turn out in a couple of clicks, if the client uses the following algorithm:

All clients are provided with free and detailed advice. For the busiest users, a full-fledged mobile version also functions. Authorization is not required before placing an order.